Wayne's Music Service

Send email inquiry to: presjax@gmail.com

Services offered include but are not limited to:


• Digital Audio Editing & Mastering

• Analog to Digital Conversion with sound restoration

     - turn your old records, tapes or 1/4" tape into CD’s

• Pro Tools Digital Multi-Track recording

    - 32 track Pro Tools editing, mixing and tracking

• Demo Production

    - track your song idea or make a CD using tracks

  • access to top musicians for your demo
  • Band demo or recording

• MIDI Programming, Sequencing & Track Creation

    - Create your own backing tracks from scratch - your own karaoke tracks

    - Sound Effects & more

    - Create a Jingle

• Short Run CD & DVD Duplication

    - packaging also available

• Jewel Case Insert & Sticky label Design

• Video Editing

    - to DVD if needed

    - convert your home movie to DVD

    - small video projects

• Voiceover/Vocalist Work

    - Male & Female vocalist for singing or voiceovers

    - voices available for lead or background singing

• Commercial Spot creation for Radio Airplay

• Logo/Sticker Design


...And more. These are just some of the possibilities. If you have an idea, question or curiosity about a project just contact PMH via email as seen above or just click on the logo. You will receive a response within 24 hours. Many projects can be handled online via file transfer or mail. You’ll never have to leave the house!


Prices vary and are negotiable depending on the project and detail you require. But I can assure you our prices won’t be beat. Fair, affordable and flexible - you can’t top that!