From the recording Heart On Her Sleeve

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Written By: Jaxson Free
Arranged By: Wayne Free
Co-Produced by: Jaxson Free & Wayne Free


She wears her heart on her sleeve for me
she makes it harder and harder to leave
told me to wait and I'll see
your promise is empty girl I can't believe

you used to be my favorite escape
then you sold me out threw it all in my face
you act like I deserve this with no shame
making me hurts how you deal with your pain

Da Da Da Da

So tell me what changed
its all in your brain
I get that its harder for you to maintain
but girl that ain't fair ain't no way
I just want your love for my care in exchange

at least she's got her her out on her sleeve
I like to think that she does that for me
but I guess I'll go guess I'll leave
your promises empty girl I'll leave you be

Da Da Da Da