1. Borrowed Love

This is an original written by Wayne Free. Produced and engineered by Wayne Free at Medallions Studios, Inc.


I thought I was loosing you
Because you were so far away
But my premonition was foolish, I should know you're
true to me just like I'm true to you

Because we're living on borrowed love
Seems like there's something we just can't get enough of
When our bound feelings start ringin through
See I can't get by on just calling you
Soon we will be in love
And there's nothing no one can do

Your love is sweet though it's borrowed
Sometimes I can but sometimes I can't swallow the truth
I wanna be with you always and honey you know I
Feel love for you or we never would've followed through
I just hope some day you'll love me
Or fall in love with me the that I have with you

I know someday it might be over
But I'm telling you I don't want to
You've made me feel like no other
And honey you will be the biggest part of me
Today tomorrow and forever